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BBS|| DayZ-Celle Stats
Unique Players7949
Players in Last 24h
Average Lifespan25.6 m
Survival Attempts28478
Alive Players6411
Player Deaths22067
Zombies Killed210824
Zombies Headshots106845
Heroes Alive10
Bandits Alive702
Bandits Killed3792
Combat-Logger Alive0
Total Time Played505d 10h 25m
Most kills byCyborg
Always the VictimCyborg
Longest shot distance1430.25
Top 5 Most Wanted Bandits
Cyborg Root of all Evil
Lt. Jacob Public Enemy
Kotpartikel Infamous
W8Zy Kills Baby Bunnys
BBS||Eric To be hated

Top 5 Heroic Players
[=Ev0=] Shockwave Saint
aSanny Mother Theresa
William W. Saves Baby Bunnys
ClownBaby To be loved

Top 5 Zombie Hunters
A T 3082
Franky 2936
[IBB]Maj.Manuel 2853
[IBB]jonas 2607
Toaby 2583

Top 10 Most Dedicated
Inter 8d 7h 19m
A T 5d 5h 15m
????????? 4d 20h 53m
W8Zy 4d 20h 34m
Franky 4d 19h 15m
Toaby 4d 18h 0m
BBS||Eric 4d 11h 30m
Lechuque 4d 3h 21m
DeufeL 3d 19h 51m
SirMaximus11 3d 3h 23m

Currently Active (0)

Last Update: 18.08.2018 10:31:16