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BBS|| DayZ-Celle Stats
Unique Players785
Players in Last 24h
Average Lifespan92.5 m
Survival Attempts1683
Alive Players683
Player Deaths1000
Zombies Killed58848
Zombies Headshots27031
Heroes Alive15
Bandits Alive7
Bandits Killed825
Combat-Logger Alive24
Total Time Played108d 2h 42m
Most kills bySgt.S
Always the Victimwhatdidyousay
Longest shot distance0.00
Top 5 Most Wanted Bandits
[DCVB] Power Root of all Evil
Impreza Public Enemy
loki Infamous
TWD.Merle Dixon Kills Baby Bunnys
[TwD] ne0r To be hated

Top 5 Heroic Players
Sgt.S Saint
OPK-Desperado Mother Theresa
Petzi Famous
cyryl Saves Baby Bunnys
Inter To be loved

Top 5 Zombie Hunters
Sgt.S 4686
Franky 3915
oerny9731 1952
Wasnsonst 1866
cyryl 1741

Top 10 Most Dedicated
Sgt.S 6d 13h 0m
Franky 3d 10h 49m
Xstream 3d 2h 54m
Bonebraker 2d 22h 38m
cyryl 2d 7h 51m
whatdidyousay 2d 6h 36m
cOGcaine 1d 21h 22m
OPK-Desperado 1d 21h 18m
Inter 1d 19h 33m
[OGz] Russian Roulette 1d 18h 51m

Currently Active (0)

Last Update: 18.08.2018 10:31:19